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Anthony Bourdain's Food Hall, Now Dubbed Bourdain Market, Should Open This Year

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The hugely anticipated street food market is on its way.

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Most of the details about Anthony Bourdain's mega blockbuster international street food hall remain tightly under wraps. Though rumors have placed the market at 3 World Trade Center, the location (if it's even decided yet) still hasn't been revealed. The opening date has been a mystery. Mostly what we know is that it will have 40 to 50 stalls, with vendors from across the world, and it will be located in some sort of large new development.

But today some tantalizing new facts emerged in the Wall Street Journal: The market will be called Bourdain Market and it will open this year. Still not much more than that at the moment. The new details are buried in a piece about Jason Wang and his wildly successful Xi'an Famous Foods empire, which came into being partly because Bourdain championed the original Flushing outpost on an episode of No Reservations. Apparently, Bourdain and Wang have remained in touch all this time, and Bourdain tells the Journal, "Jason was pretty much the first person I thought of" to participate in the market. So there's one more juicy fact for you: Bourdain Market will probably have an outpost of Xi'an Famous Foods in it.

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