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Legendary Rock Dive Manitoba's Fears Closure After Settling a Pricey Lawsuit

The owners say they had no choice but to settle, but might not have enough money to keep the place going.


Alphabet City rock-n-roll haunt Manitoba's may be forced to close after being cleaned out financially by a lawsuit. Owners Richard "Handsome Dick" Manitoba and Zoe Hansen have been battling upstairs neighbor William Huffman for years over noise from the bar, and it appears that the two sides are settling a lawsuit with a hefty price tag.

In a letter from Manitoba and Hansen that EV Grieve published the duo explained:

Manitoba's was recently forced to reluctantly settle a case with a private individual for a cumbersome amount that threatens the future of the establishment...

Our backs are against the wall....

This is a battle cry for help...

We either pay, or shut down. Not one penny goes into the owner's pockets, or is being used to pay bills. All of it goes to settling this claim and keeping the bar open.

The team, which recovered from bankruptcy in 2011, plans to host auctions, concerts and solicit donations to keep things up and running.

Correction: EV Grieve has deleted its post and sends word that the lawsuit in question isn't related to the noise complaints. Eater has reached out to the Manitoba's team. Stay tuned.


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