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Teen Finds 'Trash Like You' Scrawled on Her Umami Burger Box

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Worse: the box may have actually been used to hold garbage.


Juliette Borghesan, a 15-year-old girl who is recovering from pneumonia, found a very unwanted surprise in a burger her dad brought home for her. On the outside of her Umami Burger box was scrawled "Trash Like You," reports DNAinfo. To make matters worse, an employee who admits he wrote the note (and was subsequently fired for it) then contacted the family to apologize and also break the news that the box had been used "as a trash can for the entire day." Hence the note. Apparently, when the Greenwich Village location ran out of takeout boxes, someone dumped the garbage out and used to box to deliver the burger.

"I'm sick to my stomach," Juliette told DNAinfo. Her dad Tom Borghesan, added: "It's a lot more severe now than just handwriting on a box...You threatened the health of my daughter, who is presently very ill." The former employee declined to talk to the media, but after many calls from Mr. Borghesan, Umami CEO Paul Clayton finally reached out to say that the story about the box being used for trash was fabricated. In a release the burger company said: "The writing on the box was an obvious mistake and was not intended for the customer. We've apologized to the customer and are dealing with the matter internally."

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