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Ichimura Ups the Price of Its Omakase, But At Least You Get More Sushi

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New York's third most expensive sushi restaurant raises its prices

Ichimura, New York's third spendiest sushi spot after Kurumazushi ($300) and Masa ($450), just became a little bit spendier. The two Michelin-starred restaurant hiked the price of its omakase to $195 in 2015. That means dinner for two, after tax and tip, will cost a cool $502. Tack on optional wine pairings for $125, and your dinner date is $825.

Previously, the sushi bar charged $180 in 2014, and $160 around this time last January.

"Chef Ichimura has decided to increase the number of courses, prompting the price increase," a spokesperson for the restaurant told Eater. So instead of 13-15 pieces of sushi, guests now receive 18 pieces, or perhaps more, "depending on seasonal availability." The nigiri portion of the meal, incidentally, follows a starter course, a sashimi course, and a chawanmushi course. By comparison, a 20-piece sushi-only dinner at Sushi Nakazawa in the West Village would cost $387 after tax and tip for two (but before wine and sake).

Is Ichimura a BUY, HOLD, OR SELL at these higher prices – the same starting price as Blanca in New York or Benu in San Francisco? Let us know in the comments, and check out how Ichimura compares to the city and the country's other most expensive sushi restaurants.

Semi-related: Brushstroke, the kaiseki restaurant in the same space, has increased the price of its vegetarian menu from $85 to $120, to match the higher course count and higher-quality ingredients. The venue also offers a $135 non-vegetarian menu as well as a la carte options.


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