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Rubirosa Owner and Third-Generation Pizza Maker AJ Pappalardo Died Friday at Age 40

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AJ learned his pie-making at his family's Staten Island classic Joe & Pat's, and brought it to Manhattan with his father four years ago.

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Here's some very sad news from over the weekend: Angelo "AJ" Pappalardo, who along with his father, Joe Pappalardo, owned Nolita favorite Rubirosapassed away Friday at the age of 40. AJ was the third generation of pizza makers in his family, and before opening Rubirosa four years ago, spent years working at his family's legendary Staten Island pizza restaurant, Joe & Pat's. Here, from back in 2012, is a video of AJ and his father, reminiscing about their many years in the business, and the legacy of those thin-crusted pies:

Pizza Week presents Rubirosa's Family Legacy from Eater on Vimeo.