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Glimpse Inside Santina, Where Team Torrisi Channels Beachy Italian Vibes

Glass chandeliers, '50s Italian pop, and lots of pastels.

Nick Solares

The Santina neon glowed on Washington Street this weekend, as the Torrisi boys hosted friends and family meals at their big new coastal Italian blockbuster all weekend. One Eater operative was in attendance, and reports back this morning with a few vital glimpses inside the glass box beneath the High Line. Above, behold the palm trees, and the numerous Venetian glass chandeliers. And here's a wall covered with broken plates:

Santina sculpture
The plates people actually eat off are along these lines:

Santina plate

Clearly, there's a strong beachy-Italian cabana thing going on here. The servers are clad in pastels, '50s-era Italian pop plays on the sound system, and the drink menu is heavy on the fruity cocktails.

The restaurant, by the way, opens to the public tonight. It's already listed on OpenTable, but it looks like reservations haven't opened up yet. So for now, keep an eye on that listing, and check back very soon for the full menu.


820 Washington Street, Manhattan, NY 10014 (212) 254-3000 Visit Website