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Danny Meyer Demands That Newcomer Lincoln Square Steak Change Its Name

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The logo especially looks an awful lot like Union Square Cafe's.

The real deal.
The real deal.
Nick Solares

Danny Meyer has just filed a cease-and-desist against Lincoln Square Steak, the steakhouse opening any day now in the old Loi space on the Upper West Side, for infringing on his Union Square Cafe trademarks. Yes, both have the word "square" in the name, but worse, check out that logo compared to Union Square Cafe's. As a representative for Union Square Hospitality Group puts it to the Post, "the striking resemblance...should be rather apparent to just about anyone."

All in all, the cease-and-desist order demands that Lincoln Square Steak change its name, logo, and even its menu, because they're all too similar to Meyer's original classic. For their part, the Lincoln Square Steak team is incensed. As a representative tells the Post, "their logo is red and white and ours is red and black." Plus, in a more reasonable vein, the menus really aren't that much more similar than any other two American restaurant menus. Yes, they both have a pasta section, but beyond that, Lincoln Square Steak is inarguably more of a steakhouse. Still, Lincoln Square Steak is supposed to open on Thursday, so it will have to make some quick fixes or else face the mighty wrath of Danny Meyer.

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