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Terroir's Tribeca Location Applies for License to Serve Hard Liquor

Eaux de vie and other potent potables, coming soon.

The bar at Terroir Tribeca, with wine bottles lining the wall behind it
Terroir Tribeca

According to Tribeca Citizen, the largest of the Terroir outposts wants to up the selection of drinks they serve to include spirits. When reached for a comment, El Grieco confirmed:

Yes, Terroir Tribeca is applying for a full liquor license. Our hope in acquiring it is to serve a surfeit of primarily after-dinner beverages (cognac / armagnac / calvados / eau de vie / brandy) + a host of other sipping spirits (barrel-aged bourbons / single malts / mezcal). We do not plan to become an overt bar...We are still focusing on wine and beer and food but we want to round out the experience.

So, no Harvey Wallbangers, but their digestif list is about to get a kick in the ass, assuming CB1 is on board.

Fifty Paces

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Terroir Tribeca

24 Harrison Street, Manhattan, NY 10013 (212) 625-9463 Visit Website