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Junior's Won't Sell Its Original Brooklyn Location After All

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After a lot of soul searching, a trip to the therapist, and several sleepless nights, Junior's owner Alan Rosen has decided that he won't sell the restaurant's original Brooklyn location. Developers offered deals up to $45 million, or $450 a square foot, the highest in the borough's history for the space. As Rosen told the Times, "That's a lot of cheesecake," but in the end, it still wasn't enough.

The initial plan was to allow developers to build atop the cheesecake Mecca and open a temporary outpost during construction, but the top bids wouldn't allow the restaurant to return. Other offers for half as much money would, but the move didn't sit well with Rosen, whose family has owned the restaurant since 1950. He explains: "This is Junior's identity, is this building….I'm running something that has such a heritage and such a tradition for so many people here in Brooklyn, that it just can't be replaced."
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386 Flatbush Ave Extension, Brooklyn, New York

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