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Colicchio & McNally Confirmed for Beekman; Conant Out at Scarpetta; New Chef at Alder

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After months of rumors, the Times confirms that the forthcoming hotel at 5 Beekman will host restaurants by Keith McNally and Tom Colicchio, but probably not for another year. McNally's 90-seat restaurant will serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner but there's no word yet on the concept, and whether or not it will be Pastis 2.0. Colicchio will open a lounge called the Living Room, which will also organize room service for the hotel and cater its events. His project may serve "old New York food, modernized," in a not so formal setting, he told the Times. "I don't think people are interested in eating like that anymore."

Flo Fab also reports that Scott Conant is no longer affiliated with the original Scarpetta in the Meatpacking District, although he does remain attached to the outposts in LA, Miami, and Vegas. But he is working on a new steakhouse called Bistecca at the new Montreign Resort Casino in the Catskills.

And meanwhile, Jon Bignelli is no longer the chef at Wylie Dufresne's Alder. He's been replaced by sous chefRyan Henderson, although no word on where he's headed next.
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