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Thousands More Food Service Workers Now Covered Under Expanded Minimum Wage Law

Today the Mayor raised minimum wages for many, and expanded minimum wage coverage to thousands previously uncovered.

De Blasio signs the executive order.
De Blasio signs the executive order.

Today Mayor Bill De Blasio signed an executive order that will allow thousands of previously exempt workers to be covered under an expanded minimum wage law. The law immediately covers anyone employed by a business that occupies a commercial project that receives more than $1 million in subsidies from the city government, and would raise the minimum wage of those without benefits from $11.90 to $13.13 an hour. Those with benefits would see their hourly wage go up to $11.50, up from a previous $10.30.

The change should reach around 18,000 workers in the next five years, several thousand of whom will be fast food workers. Ultimately, De Blasio hopes to raise the citywide minimum wage as well, although he will have to be granted the authority to do so from the state government.

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