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Enrique Olvera's Hotly Anticipated Mexican Restaurant Cosme Is a Beautiful Concrete Jungle

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Cosme is roomy and industrial, with spots of a greenhouse mixed in.

Mexican culinary king Enrique Olvera's first restaurant in New York, Cosme is almost open and reservations are already available. The spacious dining room has a few different seating areas, including a large bar and some smaller tables with wire garden-style chairs. The restaurant has an industrial feel with exposed pipes criss crossing the ceilings and futuristic light bulbs emerging from the walls. Contrasting the coolness of the space are several green plants placed around the space and little succulents on some of the tables.

Menus still aren't available but expect some crazy riffs on Mexican fare made with New York ingredients, like a Manhattan clam chowder with cactus and mezcal, and Olvera has said: "If we find great white asparagus from the Hudson Valley, I'm going to use it. I don't care if it's Mexican or not." There will also be a mushroom ant potato barbacoa, and some guacamole, which we can only imagine will be the best the city has seen. Plus, burritos aren't out of the question. Cosme is slated to open in October. 35 E 21st Street, Flatiron.