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The Experts Behind Sun Noodle Will Soon Be Serving Ramen Knowledge on the Lower East Side

A sneak peek at Ramen Lab, which is almost ready to unleash ramen flights and noodle seminars on Manhattan.

Ramen Lab's tiny noodle counter.
Ramen Lab's tiny noodle counter.
Daniel Krieger

He's an early peek at the tiny space at 70 Kenmare Street, soon to be home to Ramen Lab, a ramen counter/education center from the expert noodle makers behind Sun Noodle. The New Jersey-based company, which manufactures the noodles used by many of the nation's ramen greats, has been offering seminars and "ramen flights" at its Teterboro factory for a couple years now, but this will be its first space devoted exclusively to eating and learning about ramen, and its first venture in New York City.

The space is still about a month away from actually being able to serve ramen, but when it does, it will be open to the public from noon the 10 p.m. on Tuesdays through Saturdays, serving a simple menu of torigara shoyu ramen, vegetarian miso ramen, tsukemen, mazemen, and gyoza. The rest of the time will be devoted to hosting meetings with other New York ramen shops, as well as seminars and the like. Eventually, the team tells Eater, expect reservation-only tasting flights on Friday nights, and guest appearances from Japanese ramen shops.