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GG's Launches Brunch; Humboldt & Jackson Starts a Breakfast Club

Plus Tres Carnes returns, and McDonalds struggles to understand the definition of chorizo.

Bess Adler

EAST VILLAGE — Nick Morgenstern launches brunch at his new pizzeria, GG's this weekend. The menu includes eggs benedict, a chia seed bowl, and baked pasta carbonara. There are also several pizzas, including a breakfast pizza with Italian sausage and egg. [Eaterwire]

WILLIAMSBURG — Humboldt & Jackson is launching a monthly "breakfast club" the weekend of October 11. It's a three-course breakfast, served by one the restaurants rotating guest chefs. For the first meal, the menu includes coconut froyo with grilled pears and melon, and dirty fried rice with chicken liver mousse and breakfast sausage. It will be accompanied by 80s tunes and a screening of The Breakfast Club. [Eaterwire]

FLATIRON — After being put out of commission by a fire earlier this month, the original Tres Carnes will reopen on Monday. When it does, it will offer free guac as an addition to anything. [Eaterwire]

THE CHAINS  — In an effort to draw in more customers, a struggling McDonalds has been testing out "chorizo burritos." The only problem is that these burritos don't actually contain chorizo, just dark meat chicken flavored with "chorizo seasoning." [EN]