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Worst Marketing Scheme Ever Advertises 'NYC's First Bar for Pregnant Women' in the East Village

Is it a hoax? A bizarre new juice bar concept? Or just a really terrible idea?

Signage has recently materialized in the East Village heralding the arrival of Gestations, "NYC's first bar for pregnant women." The Facebook page is pretty appalling, but all signs point to this being someone's terrible idea of a marketing scheme for a social networking app called Bartrendr, which happens to be featured prominently in the Gestations signage.

As Bedford + Bowery notes, the bros behind this stunt (if that's what it truly is) have even gone so far as to post a liquor license application in the window, and list a phone number with an answering machine that tells callers to "Visit us on October 25 at 504 East Fifth Street before that water breaks." Presumably then we'll find out for sure what the deal is with this place.

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