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An Insider's Account of the Obama Visit to Estela

Tight security and hugs all around.


Here, now, finally a tipster writes in to give a first-hand account of dinner last night with one President of the United States Barack Obama at the hippest restaurant in New York Estela:

I was there last night with three friends (we have a monthly dinner scheduled) and entered around 30 minutes before he left. They had the circle table in the back right next to the bathrooms. Place is loud so it is not like you could hear anything they talked about. We first had to go through police barricades on Mott and Prince. Once we were let in there to get to E Houston, we had to speak with secret service. Secret Service had the reservation list and made us call the restaurant while outside and have the host come out to get us. Once she ok'd us, SS ran a metal detector and searched our bags. Once all was a go we went inside and hung out at the bar as the host let us know our reservation might take awhile. She was very nice about and also didn't know how to handle all the commotion. At least 6 SS people were inside and as you may know the restaurant is small and tight. Obama stayed put all night until he left. On the way out, Michelle was let out first and Obama was right behind. As some people got up he started shaking hands and even gave one woman a hug (after her boyfriend told him it was her birthday). Overall a wild experience, especially with the Secret Service all over and massive amounts of people outside just staring into the restaurant. I thought Estela handled everything perfect.

So there you have it. The POTUS will, in fact, give you a hug if he's told it's your birthday.


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