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Is Midtown Favorite China Sun a Goner?

China Sun seems to be confused about whether or not it's actually closing.

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Is China Sun really closed?
Is China Sun really closed?
Michael Benjamin

Midtown takeout and dim sum favorite China Sun has been suspiciously closed for the past few weeks. Phone calls go unanswered and there is a sign in the door that says: "We temporary close for renovation." But a Yelp review from earlier in the month claims that a sign sadly stated: "Sorry, Closed Forever." That sign's no longer there. A couple years back, Midtown Lunch gave it the thumbs up as a neighborhood happy hour spot saying:

If you're into something a little different, and you'd like to be an observer of a cultural practice from China right here in New York, you might give it a try. And $3 bottled imports in Midtown is a great deal, so if you like beer specials served by a cool bartender in a bar with free wifi (that actually works), perhaps China Sun is your place.

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