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New York City Cat Lovers Finally Get their Act Together and Launch a Cat Cafe Kickstarter

Want to drink tea in a room full of cats? Here's the fundraising campaign for you.

Kitty's roaming around the Cat Cafe pop-up this spring.
Kitty's roaming around the Cat Cafe pop-up this spring.
Marguerite Preston

After that first tantalizing glimpse of what it could mean to have a Cat Café in New York City, cat-loving New Yorkers may finally get the permanent version they've been dreaming of. Erin McShan has stepped up to the plate, and launched an online fundraising campaign to open a cat cafe called Little Lions.

McShan describes her project as a "cat sanctuary and tea house." That means lots of toys for the cats and no noisy espresso machines that might give them a fright. She tells Gothamist: "There will be a coffee option but probably not a full barista menu....I want the space to be soothing and tranquil and loud coffee machines are probably not conducive to that vision." There may also be food, but that poses a few challenges with the Health Department. "Nothing will be made on site and would have to be cat-safe....The DOH is on board with my design," she explains.

McShan plans to work with Anjellicle Cats Rescue and the ACC to make this a happy space for the felines. The cats will have a cat-only area for when they need a break from humans, and all of them will be up for adoption.

McShan hasn't found a home for the café quiet yet, but she's looking into space downtown, mostly on the East Side and hoping to open next spring. First, though, she needs to meet her fundraising goal of $65,000.

Until then, let these snapshots from the Cat Café pop-up help you get this rainy day.

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