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Obama, the Hippest POTUS of All Time, Dines at Estela in Nolita

Forget white tablecloths. Barack and Michelle want some orange wine and mussels escabeche.


Reports from Twitter, Instagram, and the Eater tipline are all pointing in one direction: President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, in town for the UN Assembly, dined at downtown food world favorite Estela tonight, throwing the entire Houston corridor into a frenzy:

Obama estela

Obama estela 2

[Courtesy @arielpsegal]

The President and First Lady are known for their excellent taste in restaurants, but they usually skew traditional, high end for his official and non-fundraiser meals. Please see their date night at Blue Hill (and Minibar), or the President's tête-à-tête with Bill Clinton at Il Mulino. That said, the man does enjoy a Shack Burger. Why wouldn't he crave chef Ignacio Mattos' famous steak tartare?

Have any intel on the presidential meal? Was escarole involved? Did they take a tour of San Gennaro after? Send it this way.

Update: Here's their order, including the two orders of burrata with salsa verde and bread, two endive salads, tomatoes, and ... a croque madame? SOURCES REVEAL: croquettes.

The below photo is via chef Ignacio Matto's Instagram. Per one commenter on his feed: "I was there! Had made the res almost a month ago! So happy we still got in.

The rest of what happened last night, however, is on Secret Service lockdown. When reached for comment, Thomas Carter told Eater, "unfortunately I can't disclose any details."

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