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Westville Co-Owner Jay Strauss Will Open Concord Hill in 'Burg's Sel de Mer Space

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Concord Hill sounds an awful like Westville.

Graham Avenue staple Sel de Mer, pre-shutter.
Graham Avenue staple Sel de Mer, pre-shutter.

The new tenant of recently vacant Sel de Mer space on Graham Avenue has now been revealed. Westville co-owner Jay Strauss just signed the lease on the the 40-seat space, and plans to open a new American restaurant called Concord Hill. Strauss is bringing along former Westville GM Kate Grossheim and craft beer expert Szoke Schaeffer, another Westville alum, but the other co-owners of Westville won't be involved in this project. Strauss's team tells Eater it hopes the restaurant will "serve the kind of food that we always search for when we go out to eat...composed season veg and a nice piece of meat…. It will be a destination for some but mostly it will be a neighborhood place where we hope to see the same faces several times a week." Sounds pretty similar to Westville, or at least Westville back in the day. They also promise to "stray away from the typical Brooklyn attitude when it comes to service." Last we checked, the Westville team was seeking a large space for its fifth location.

Concord Hill, 374 Graham Avenue, Williamsburg.

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