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Roberta's Answers Our Prayers, Opens New Takeout-Only Space Next Door

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The fastest way there is to get your hands on a Roberta's pizza.

The original Roberta's oven.
The original Roberta's oven.
Daniel Krieger

Roberta's, always tacking on new projects to its Bushwick complex of cool, has just opened a new takeout-only addition. The new space is just up the block from the main Roberta's entrance, but still technically part of the sprawling restaurant. It does, however, have it's own pizza oven, so it should significantly speed up wait times for anyone who wants to just get their pizza and leave (or for anyone ordering delivery). It should also do a little something to clear up the bottleneck of waiting people near the front door, and it's also where to go to buy loaves of the restaurant's excellent bread. Pro tip: you can still take your pizza and eat it in Roberta's garden, to really get the best of both worlds.


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