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Upstate Coffee Shop Sues Brooklyn's Swallow Cafe For Using Its Name

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Because Hudson is the new Brooklyn, and hipsters are getting confused.

Swallow Cafe in Bushwick
Swallow Cafe in Bushwick

In a battle that pits hickster against hipster, Sarah Dibben of Swallow Coffee in Hudson is suing Brooklyn's Swallow Cafe for using the same name — 126 miles away. The suit bases much of its argument on the fact that there a lot of back and forth between Hudson and Brooklyn, enough that "Hudson has been referred to in numerous publications, including the New York Times, as ‘The New Brooklyn'" Apparently, Dibben is constantly having to set visitors straight when they ask if the two coffee shops are related, and she claims that the confusion has caused "damage to [her] business and reputation." She's seeking unspecified damages.