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Seasonally Changing Park Avenue Reopens in the Old General Assembly Space

Park Avenue Autumn is back and here's the new menu. Will it have better luck than the space's former tenants?

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The new Park Avenue Autumn
The new Park Avenue Autumn

General Assembly closed its doors on Friday evening and tonight (appropriately on the first night of fall) it reopens as the new Park Avenue Autumn/Winter/etc. The super short turnaround means the space likely looks largely the same, so expect most of the changes to come from the kitchen, which is being run by Park Avenue chef Zene Flinn with ABC Kitchen alum Benkei O'Sullivan. The farm to table American menu, which is similar to ones the restaurant offered in the past, includes Hudson Valley duck with champagne grapes and cipollini onions, quince skirt steak with chanterelles and collard greens, and a requisite kale salad this time prepared with manchego, chorizo, and chestnut honey. The restaurant's popular broccoli with Cheetos® also makes a reappearance.

Only time will tell if Park Avenue will have better luck in its new home than the string of other Michael and Alan Stillman projects before it. First it was home to the Hurricane Club, then rebranded as Hurricane Steak & Sushi, and finally transformed into the failed General Assembly — all within the past year. At Park Avenue, on the other hand, things were going along just fine until the pair lost the lease on the old space last summer. Check out the menu below and stay tuned for photos of the space.

Park Avenue Menu