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Chinese Favorite Congee Bowery Shuttered by Health Department

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The Bowery's popular congee emporium gets shut down over evidence of rats, improper sanitation, and other offenses.

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Congee, the Chinese restaurant on the Bowery loved by many for its excellent rice porridge has been shut down by the Health Department. According to DNAinfo, a health inspection late last week racked up 65 violation points, for things like food stored at the wrong temperature, and improperly sanitized surfaces, not to mention evidence of rats and cockroaches. There's no answer at the restaurant right now, and no word on how soon it might reopen. In the meantime, sister restaurant Congee Village is still open for business just a few blocks up on Allen Street. Update: Congee Village has a sister restaurant on the Bowery, but it's unrelated to the one shut down by the DOH.