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Throwbacks: Hangover Observations, Last Night at Tailor

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Next week marks a new era of Eater. So all this week, we're celebrating Eater 1.0 by republishing some favorite pieces from the vault. Ahead: a 2007 peek into the opening of Sam Mason's Tailor.

Sam Mason, not last night.

1) Yes, they are still giving away free booze and, if you ask nicely, enough to induce a hangover. But if the paperwork expediter is worth what they're paying him, the fun ended last night.

2) "Drinks are free tonight, as we're still working through our cocktail program," is the new, "it's byo, as we don't have a liquor license yet."

3) Indeed, Bill Murray and Jean Georges, seated together, had the right idea: go back down to the bar, when the server tells you that it's only one cocktail per person in the dining room.

4) If the difference of just two days, Tuesday to Thursday, is any indication, this menu is going to change a lot.

5) Impressive, on a host of levels, that Sam Mason did not make one appearance in the dining room between 8:30 and 11. That and the 8 month delay helps to explain how the place has a mortal lock on two stars right out-of-the-gate.
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