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GG's Brings Pizza and More to the Old Goat Town Space

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Check out GG's, Nick Morgenstern's new East Village pizzeria.

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All photos by Bess Adler

Nick Morgenstern's makeover of Goat Town into GG's is complete. The restaurant is currently in soft opening mode with a limited menu, and will officially open with the full menu this weekend. The space is, at the core, the same, but brighter and spiffier with what looks like more comfortable seating than those old tiled booths. Morgenstern brought on Bobby Hellen, who built a solid reputation as the chef at Resto and The Cannibal, to oversee the menu and Emily Schumacher from Jack's Wife Freda to captain the service.

The menu is more relaxed than Goat Town's, with a strong emphasis on pizza, and some ingredients still coming from the backyard. Pies include the "Ev Greenery", which is topped with greens, lamb chorizo, sauce vert, grano padano, cherry tomatoes and pickled red onion. There is also a clam pie with three varieties of bivalves on it and a pie topped with morcilla and ricotta. Slices of two pies are available daily for around $4 at lunch. The baked pastas we have been hearing about only appear on the dinner menu, plus there's a burger and a few entrees. Dessert options include ice cream from Morgenstern's white hot ice cream shop in sandwich and root beer float form.

Gg Dinner

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Goat Town

511 East 5th Street, New York, NY 10009 (212) 687-3641