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Donguri Returns as Good as Ever From Revamp

Under new ownership and a new chef, this former 38-er is once again serving excellent Japanese food on the Upper East Side.

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Donguri, the Upper East Side that so long held a place on the Eater 38 is now back to serving excellent Japanese food, after closing for a revamp back in May. It resumed service earlier this summer in the hands of chef Yorinobu Yamasaki, who took ownership when the original chef Hitoshi Kagawa moved back to Japan. The new menu includes many a la carte options along the same lines as the old one, ranging from green tea soba noodles to roasted duck breast with mustard. But now, instead of a prix fixe kaiseki option, Yamasaki is offering a $150 omakase meal. No word on what it entails, but one tipster calls it "shockingly good." It's early yet, but that bodes well for an eventual return to the 38.

· Donguri [Official Site]


309 E 83rd Street, New York, NY 10028 212-737-5656

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