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La Taza de Oro Shut Down by the Health Department

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The beloved 50's era lunch counter in Chelsea has been shut down, with no telling when it will return

Robert Sietsema

La Taza de Oro, the old school Puerto Rican lunch counter in Chelsea, is currently closed. Earlier this week, a sign on the gate promised that the restaurant "has not closed" and that it is "working on compliance with the NYC Department of Health's new codes" It also promised that it hoped to reopen by Wednesday, September 17, but that day has come and gone, and now the sign has been removed from the gate. A look at the Health Department's website shows that it was shut down after racking up 56 violation points on a recent inspection. The 1950s-era diner has been deemed one of the city's irreplaceable dining institutions, so here's hoping it can make a comeback.

La Taza de Oro

96 8th Ave., New York, NY

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