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Totto Ramen Opens in Double Stacked East Side Paradise


Totto Ramen quietly opened its first East Side location last week beneath its former East Side rival,Hide-Chan. But the move isn't a competitive one, since the two ramenya are owned by the same man, Bobby Munekata. According to a representative, the two shops will focus on on their respective specialties. That means porky tonkotsu broth upstairs at Hide-Chan, and downstairs at Totto, a rich chicken broth. Expect the menu at the new Totto to look similar to the one served at Totto's other locations, which includes dishes like spicy "nibo" ramen, with perfectly al dente noodles from Sun. The under the radar opening has kept lines at bay, but there's no guarantee that will last.
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Totto Ramen

248 E 52nd St., New York, NY