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The Robs Find a Fried Chicken Winner at Wilma Jean

In the first starred Underground Gourmet review in a while, Rob Patronite and Robin Raisfeld file a double review this week on Robert Newton's new Southern restaurant Wilma Jean and a Japanese lunch spot, Hanamizuki, near Penn Station. At the former, Newton is specializing in the fried chicken that helped make Tuesday nights at Seersucker so popular. Now the vibe and the menu are more down market, but the chicken is still a hit:

With its craggy crust and high-decibel crunch, the bird's as juicy and flavorful as any you'll find in New York…you'll want to eat this chicken much more frequently than once a week. Ditto a perfectly proportioned, crisp-edged cheeseburger on a squishy sesame-seed bun, and any of the sides.
At Hanamizuki, the pair get their fix of the classic Japanese rice snack omusubi in a space that's attached to a laser hair removal salon. Despite the awkward connection, the restaurant gets two stars for its fusion approach, plant filled space, and cheap lunch.
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Wilma Jean

345 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY