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Real Life Central Perk Opens in Soho This Week

In just a couple days, New Yorkers will finally be able to fulfill all their 90s-era fantasies of hanging out in a real life Central Perk just like the one of Friends. Starting Wednesday, a perfect replica of the coffee house will be popping up in Soho for a month to celebrate the 20th anniversary of that formative sitcom.

Rachel, Ross, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe, and Joey probably won't be around, but the orange couch will be, along with James Michael Tyler, the guy who played the one and only deadpan barista, Gunther. He gave the space his seal of approval this morning on the Today Show, saying that it's "pretty close" to the real thing, albeit "a lot bigger." Also there are a bunch of costumes from the show on display. But to find out how close it really is, stay tuned.
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Central Perk

199 Lafayette Street, New York, NY