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Soy & Sake, El Sitio, Old School, and Others Shutter

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1) West Village: Vegan Japanese and pan-asian restaurant Soy & Sake closed recently after six years in business. Gay bar and drag queen club Boots & Saddle, which is currently seeking a new home, was denied a liquor license for the space earlier this week. [Eaterwire]

2) Carroll Gardens: Quiet neighborhood restaurant Old School Brooklyn on Court Street has shuttered. A tipster reports that there's a sign for a pending liquor license for a place called Half Nelson Brooklyn hanging in the window. [Eaterwire]

3) Lower East Side: Spanish/Cuban/Ecuadorian restaurant Mi Casa Es Su Casa closed recently after two years in business. A tipster reports that a "For Rent" sign is hanging in the window. [Eaterwire]

4) Woodside: Old-school Cuban restaurant El Sitio, known for its Cuban sandwiches and coffee, is closed and the space is already being gutted, according to a tipster. However, it looks like the Astoria location is still open. [Eaterwire]

5) Lower East Side: Eight year old Panade Puffs and Pastries on Eldridge Street has closed its doors for "restructuring," reports Bowery Boogie. But the blog isn't optimistic about its return. In the meantime, the cafe team is still taking catering orders. [Bowery Boogie]

Soy & Sake

47 7th Ave S New York, NY