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Sparks Steak House Sues to Identify 'Defamatory' Yelper

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Sparks Steak House is suing Yelp, asking them to fork over the name and contact information of a commenter with the username Besfort S. who claims that when he was a waiter there, he "spit my own saliva into dishes…Our manager actually condones it to guests who give us attitudes. Just double check your food next time you eat here." According to the Post, the Midtown steak house claims it has been "wrongfully defamed and libeled" by the review, and wants to track the offender down. It just so happens that a man named Besfort Shala recently applied for a position at the restaurant and didn't get it, but he denies that he's the poster, and has filed a police report saying someone illegally used his identity to post on Yelp.
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Sparks Steak House

210 E 46th St, New York, NY