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Pete Zaaz to Close as Peter Entner Turns to Boomwich

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Peter Entner: Pete Zaaz/Official Site

It's been a bumpy summer for Crown Heights pizzeria Pete Zaaz. Following a falling out with his business partners, owner Peter Entner decided to take a step back from the business and focus his attention on his upcoming "off the wall" sandwich shop Boomwich. But when he did so, Brooklyn Magazine reports, his weird pizza creations suffered big time. Yelpers complained of low-quality ingredients and "impostor" pizzas, plus two hour waits for delivery and pies arriving upside-down.

Now Entner and his estranged partners have decided to shut down the business entirely. The restaurant is still open at the moment, and for the time being Entner is back at the helm (so the pies are presumably back up to snuff) but the space is on the market. It will likely close at the end of the month, dashing all hopes of a breakfast pizza and waffles expansion.
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Pete Zaaz

766 Classon Ave., Brooklyn