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Polo Dobkin Cooks Seafood with a Spanish Accent

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Welcome to The Hot Dish, a behind the scenes look at the making of the dishes of the moment.

[All photos by Nick Solares]

"The dish was inspired by childhood trips to Spain" says chef Polo Dobkin when asked about the plancha marina at Meadowsweet. The chef has fond memories of San Lucar de Barameda and of the "simply prepared, impeccably fresh seafood" he ate there. Dobkin's homage is a dish that has a rotating cast of seafood, currently featured are scallop, seppiolini, and head on shrimp. He sears the seafood in pans (technically not a plancha as the name of the dish implies, but the effect is the same) and serves it simply with a piperada and aioli.

The chef also makes a shrimp stock that he reduces down and drizzles on when the dish is complete. Because of the separate cooking times of the seafood components, Dobkin cooks the scallop separately and brings it to temperature in the oven.

Watch Dobkin assemble the dish:

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