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Carnegie Deli Owners Are Fighting To the Death, in Court

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All of the lawsuits at the Carnegie Deli are coming to a head as owners Marian and Sandy Levine duke out their divorce in court, and one judge is fed up with it. During proceedings a Manhattan Supreme Court Judge declared his frustration with the pair: "What I care more about is the fact that they've made millions of millions of dollars on the backs of dishwashers and cleaners and pastrami slicers who make as much in a year as they've made in a day or two," reports the Daily News. The judge was likely referring to the $2.65 million settlement the pair was forced to pay earlier this year to current and former employees who were cheated out of fair wages.

Marian, who inherited the deli from her father, argues that Sandy lied about assets, transferring $450,000 from a joint account and purchasing a $1 million home in Florida under his daughters name. The two have also gone to court recently over Sandy's purportedly sharing secret recipes with his girlfriend Penkae Sirichareon whose family launched Carnegie Deli Thailand.
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