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Berg'n, the Massive Beer Hall from the Smorg' Team, Opens in Crown Heights

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899 Bergen Street, Crown Heights
Phone: 718-857-2337
Status: Open

The wait has been long, but Berg'n, the latest project from Flea and Smorgasburg co-founders Jonathan Butler and Eric Demby, is finally here. The massive garage space opened its doors this morning at 8 a.m. to serve coffee and pastries, and the four food vendors inside will start serving at 11:30. The space is huge, and filled with communal picnic tables, but all the vendors will offer table service.

The food comes from a lineup of some of Smorg's greatest hits: Asia Dog, Pizza Moto, Mighty Quinn's, and Ramen Burger, many of which have expanded their menus for the new spot. Asia Dog is planning its classic dogs, plus corn dogs dipped into Korean pancake batter, salads and fried bananas on a stick for dessert, while Ramen Burger is serving six ramen burgers (ranging from chicken to veggie), plus a broth-less ramen. Moto's offering bacon and onion pies along with a meatball parm, and Mighty Quinn's is of course bringing its legendary brisket to the party. The bar offers 12 beers on tap and many more in bottles, plus wine, cocktails, and soda from Brooklyn Soda Works. Coffee service starts early in the morning and weekend brunch will be a mainstay.
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899 Bergen Street, Brooklyn NY