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Nutella 'Enthusiasts' Plan Nutelleria in Park Slope


Eataly's Nutella Bar will soon no longer be the only Nutella-pushing venue in town. A Nutella-focused shop called Nutelleria is planning to open soon in Park Slope, reports Park Slope Stoop. The spot, which formerly held The Chocolate Room pop-up, will serve the chocolate hazelnut spread in even more ways than the Eataly shop, including on breakfast pizza, rolled into fruity "burritos," and on Nutella-bacon-banana waffle sandwiches.

Just to be clear, Nutelleria has no association with Eataly or the Nutella company for that matter. According to the website, it's a project by "Nutella enthusiasts that decided to share our love of Nutella with the rest of the world." Still, if the city's first Nutella bar taught us anything, it's be prepared to wait in line.
· Nutelleria Coming To 5th Avenue [Park Slope Stoop]


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