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Chumley's Wins Lawsuit, Clearing Path To Reopen

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As expected, the good folks from Chumley's were victorious against their concerned NIMBY neighbors in a ridiculous legal battle. Back in May, West Village residents like Thomas Kearney got together to file a lawsuit claiming that if you allowed a place like Chumley's to reopen in their bucolic residential neighborhood, you may as well go ahead and let all of the old brothels and horse stables re-open as well.

Besides the time and money needed to waste both the court and Chumley's time, it was clear that no sane judge would ever go for that kind of Scooby Doo logic. Late last week a judge handed down the ruling in favor of Chumley's, saying "some degree of noise, tension and discomfort is the inevitable concomitant of ­urban life." Thank you Justice Barbara Jaffe! Chumley's is now free to focus only on finishing its rehab project and opening before the end of the year.
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