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Hip Coffee Shop Blamed For Man's Fake 911 Call Spree

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The hipster gentrification of Williamsburg, and more specifically an outpost of Swedish coffee shop Konditori on North 7th, literally drove one neighbor to the edge of sanity. Louis Segna, a lifelong resident of N. 7th, was convicted yesterday of making four false calls to the police, according to the Daily News. Over the years, Segna, who owns the building where Konditori is located, has made some 400 phony calls to the police, over everything from gunshots to subway explosions. But, according to his lawyer, "His problems started with the coffee shop opening downstairs."

The lawyer alleges that Konditori a noisy neighbor, forced him into an ambiguous lease, and refused to pay rent. Segna even sued them back in 2012,which, apparently, is when his 911-calling peaked. He will be sentenced on September 5, and could face up to seven years in jail.
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167 N 7th St Brooklyn, NY