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Eat Like an Ancient King at Staten Island's Troy Restaurant

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A restaurant just opened on Staten Island that is unlike any other dining establishment in New York City, and maybe even the world. By the looks of it, Troy Restaurant is inspired by the 1981 Walt Disney live action film Dragonslayer, an old deck of Magic: The Gathering cards, and the movie 300: Rise of an Empire. Let's take a look at this batshit crazy new mega-restaurant:

Welcome to the Empire of Taste:
So, obviously, the owner has a sense of humor, and some great video editing equipment.

Troy opened on August 16 with a big party that included a suckling pig with a sword through its neck. Here is the description on Facebook:

Polish, Russian, Fusion of ancient Greek, Roman, French and German cuisine, all adapted to contemporary world. Carefully and tastefully selected ingredients and based on uniquely traditional recipes. Come experience culinary extravaganza, a true Empire of Taste.
So, the menu has something for everyone. It also looks like Troy can accommodate everyone you've ever met in your life. Take a look around:







If you make it to Troy Restaurant, please send us a full report.

Troy Restaurant

2271 Hylan Blvd Staten Island, New York

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