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The Back Room at One57 Aims To Bring Back the Glam

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It's been a decade since New York has had a five star hotel and a hotel restaurant to match (and, Steve Cuozzo's very unhappy about that). The new Park Hyatt, which will open its restaurant The Back Room at One57 and its bar The Living Room next Monday, hopes to change that. The large dining room includes two chef stations and has a swanky steakhouse vibe, while the adjacent cocktail lounge is filled with plenty of couches and armchairs.

Sam Hazen, formerly of Veritas was slated to run the kitchen, but has stepped away from the project for reasons unknown. Sebastien Archambault from the Blue Duck Tavern in D.C., has replaced him, and put together simple menu with a number of steak and lobster options and a few other entrees like bucatini with uni, candied lemon, fennel, black garlic and fennel pollen. A lighter menu, which has yet to be finalized, will be available in The Living Room. Take a look around:

The Back Room Dinner Menu

The Back Room Lunch Menu

The Back Room Wine List

The Back Room at One57
153 West 57th Street


11 West Gay Street, , OH 43215 (614) 745-3864 Visit Website