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Massive New Food Hall Arriving on Gansevoort Street

This will look a lot nicer next month. Google Maps

New York is about to get another enormous indoor food market. The Gansevoort Street Market, which originally opened in the late 1800's, will be revived in early September just near the southern tip of The High Line. Corey Lane of the Pink Elephant and Chris Reda of The Griffin have assembled an impressive 20+ vendor lineup for the space, including David Bouhadana's Sushi Dojo, Smorgasburg vendor the Bruffin's first brick and mortar location, a Tacombi taqueria, an outpost of local Greenpoint favorite Champion Coffee, and many, many more.

A handful of the stalls like Sushi Dojo and a still unknown tapas spot will have dedicated seating, while other restaurants will share communal tables, kind of like the set up at Gotham West Market. Select vendors will serve beer and wine and some others will open early in the morning offering coffee and breakfast. At night, a DJ is expected to provide music. Right now, the tentative opening date is September 8, but representative for the market says it may be a few days later during that week, just in time to roll up the facade's large garage doors and enjoy the fall.

Sushi Dojo

110 1st Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10009 (646) 692-9398 Visit Website

Gansevoort Market

52 Gansevoort Steet, New York, NY