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Egg Shop, Calle Dão, Yonekichi, and More Now Open

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1) Nolita: The aptly named Egg Shop recently opened, serving organic and locally-sourced eggs in many iterations, including eggs in cups called "cruisers", reports the New York Times. Eggs also come in sandwiches, salads, and as a main that's accompanied by a side of fried chicken. Status: Certified Open. 151 Elizabeth Street, 646-666-0810.

2) East Village: Rice burger spot Yonekichi is soft opening today in the old Otafuku space, says Bedford + Bowery. The menu includes rice burgers (think ramen burger, but rice instead of ramen noodles) with fillings like chicken tsukune with a soft-boiled egg and shishito peppers. There's also barbecued eel, and fries cooked topped with wasabi salt. Status: Certified Open. 236 East 9th Street.

3) Midtown West: Calle Dão, which opens today, is inspired by Havana's Chinatown and the old Cuban-Chinese restaurants that once dotted new York, reports the New York Times. Chef Humberto Guallpa, who is from Ecuador and formerly worked at Vandaag, is turning out plates of duck empanadas, Peking-style roasted chicken, and smoked bone-marrow fried rice. Status: Certified Open. 38 West 39th Street, 212-221-9002.

4) Long Island City: Pizzeria L'Inizio opened at the beginning of the month making pizzas with entirely locally sourced produce and house-made mozzarella. The shop sells whole pies and slices and hopes to add a liquor license by the end of the month. The space also sports a backyard dining area, but it won't open until that license goes through, says the LIC Post. Status: Certified Open. 47-23 Vernon Boulevard.


5) Bushwick: New Orleans-style po' boy shop Orleans opened recently, offering classics like fried oyster po' boys, along things like vegan hot sausage po' boys, reports Fork in the Road. Status: Certified Open. 603 Hart Street.

6) Astoria: The team behind popular bagel spot Brooklyn Bagel & Coffee Company just opened a cafe called 60 Beans. Beans come from George Howell Coffee and there will be beer and wine in evenings, reports DNAinfo. There will also be outdoor seating and wifi. Status: Certified Open. 36-02 Ditmars Boulevard.


7) Astoria: Dennis Lee and Liz Wick, who started a popular coffee bean delivery service in the area last year recently opened their brick and mortar coffee spot called Astoria Coffee. They are serving beans from roasters across the country, says DNAinfo. Pastries come from Ceci Cela and the team plans to ultimately partner on the menu with local purveyors like a pop up ice cream shop. Status: Certified Open. 30-04 30th Street. No phone yet.

8) East Village: Hibachi Dumpling Express opened quickly in the old 2 Bros. Pizza space, reports EV Grieve. It's the chain's second location in the city. Status: Certified Open. 229 1st Ave.

9) Midtown West: Swedish cafe chain FIKA opened a new location near Bryant Park recently. The menu includes gravlax Caesar salad, various coffee drinks, and Swedish meatballs. Status: Certified Open. 114 W 41st Street, 212-840-0677.

10) Bushwick: A new breastaurant (of sorts) for hipsters dubbed Boobie Trap has opened offering barbecue, beer, and boobs, reports DNAinfo. While the bar staff is fully clad, guests can decorate "color my boobs" coloring sheets and drink beer poured from a tap made from a shirtless female mannequin's chest. Status: Certified Open. 308 Bleecker Street, 347-240-9105.

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11) Lower East Side: Indian restaurant Khushboo recently opened its doors. The menu looks pretty standard, with chicken tikka, samosas, and chana masala. The menu also boasts a selection of lassi including banana, salt, rose, and the obligatory mango. Status: Certified Open. 6 Clinton Street. 212-533-2828.

12) Fidi: Fast-casual healthy chain Dig Inn opened its ninth location late last week. Status: Certified Open. 80 Broad Street, 212-776-4052.

Egg Shop

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