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Smorgasburg in the Park; The Cleveland's Honey Dinner

CENTRAL PARK — Smorgasburg is popping up in Central Park on September 19 from 5 to 9 p.m. Mighty Quinns, Ramen Burger, Milk Truck, and a bunch of other vendors will be there. According to Gothamist, the pop-up is a supposed to be a "preview of 2015" so Smorg in the park might become a regular thing. [Gothamist]

TRIBECA — After being stolen last week, Bubby's beloved cow mascot has been returned, safely, to its home — along with an anonymous apology note. [EaterWire]

SOHO — Max Sussman of The Cleveland will offer a special menu on September 10, in honor of NYC Honey Week. Blue Hill at Stone Barns' beekeeper will be on hand to offer "an experiential" (read: honey harvesting) element to dinner. Dinner is $90 and will be served in the garden. Proceeds will go towards City Growers' Honeybee Education Program. [EaterWire]

BOOK CLUB — Eater National offers an in-depth profile of Meat Hook butcher Tom Mylan, who was formerly a vegetarian. In interviews with Mylan and some of his colleagues along the way, the story tracks his unlikely rise to rock star butcher. [~EN~]

The Cleveland

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Central Park

Central Park, New York, NY