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Brooklyn Ale House Will Become George and Jack's


Classic Williamsburg dive bar and dog hangout, Brooklyn Ale House is closing up shop for good on August 27. A note in the window thanks the "solid blue-collar workers and builders, the firemen, pool and dart players, music freaks, art freaks and freaks in general, along with the new comers who knew how to behave in a bar and tip properly." Manager Daniel Ruth tells Gothamist that the bar will go out with a bang: "It'll be one hell of a night when we close, that's a true Williamsburg tradition...We are going to close this thing down!" Lucky Dog co-owner Bill Mack and Sal Fristensky of Skinny Dennis plan to take over the space when it closes and transform it into a bar called George and Jack's.
· Williamsburg's Brooklyn Ale House Closing, Lucky Dog/Skinny Dennis Team Takes Over [Gothamist]

Brooklyn Ale House

103 Berry St, Brooklyn, NY