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Union Square Stalwart Di Fiore Marquet Cafe Shutters

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Photo: Facebook

All-day Mediterranean spot Di Fiore Marquet Cafe has shuttered, though its tables are still set as if it will open for dinner tonight. Its Facebook page simply says "Out of business, thanks for your patronage." As Jeremiah Moss notes, owner Celeste Di Fiore was hailed by the Examiner back in 2011 as "the Elaine of the downtown, Village cohort." The 22-year-old restaurant was apparently also a quiet celebrity hangout: the Examiner cites Meryl Streep, Sean Penn, and Giada De Laurentiis' mom among its fans.

Marquet Cafe is just the most recent victim of the neighborhood's ongoing growing pains. The Bowlmor building down the block is being torn down, Chat 'n Chew was forced to change concept, and Union Square Cafe is being priced out of its 29 year home. Even TGI Fridays just couldn't take the heat.
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Di Fiore Marquet Cafe

15 E 12th St, New York, NY