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Heather Greene Makes an Immortal Old Fashioned

Bourbon, sugar, bitters, orange. Those are the ingredients that make up one immortal drink: the Old Fashioned. Aside from the essential element of a good bourbon—like Knob Creek® Bourbon—the Old Fashioned, in its simplicity, allows for personal touches and experimentation.

We asked whiskey sommelier Heather Greene at Manhattan's Flatiron Room to give us her personal take on this classic cocktail. Her version is scientific—using just the right amount of Knob Creek® Rye Whiskey (she prefers it over bourbon for its spice), a healthy stir, and a twist of orange peel.Advertisement

The Flatiron Room isn't the only place to sip on a solid version of this classic drink. Carrey Martin at Houston Hall creates a smokey sugar from cayenne pepper and A1 while the folks at Beasts of Bourbon in Bed-Stuy infuse Knob Creek® Bourbon with lemongrass and black pepper. If you're a bitters person, American Whiskey's beverage director, Jonathan Howard, adds house-made barrel stave bitters to each Old Fashioned.

But while each mixologist and bar has their own take on this "immortal" drink, there is one thing that remains unchanged and critical to the best Old Fashioned: the big, full flavor of Knob Creek® Bourbon.

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