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Six Special Meat Treats For You to Eat With Abandon

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All throughout The Five Days of Meat, some of the city's hottest chefs are serving street meat-themed specials. Here's an up-close look at the dishes, which are available from now through Friday evening.

[All Photos by Paul Crispin Quitoriano]

Alder's executive chef Jon Bignelli is making his riff on a classic New York hot dog. His version includes rabbit sausage that has elements of sauce gribiche. The sausage is grilled and served on a Pepperidge Farm top sliced hot dog bun, and the dog is topped with "grilled asparagus, raw asparagus, an egg yolk, dashi sauce, bonito flakes, and tarragon." $18.

The Clam:

Chef/restaurateur Mike Price is serving pork confit and clam tacos at The Clam. The pork belly is cured for four days with toasted coriander, black pepper, garlic, cilantro, sugar, and salt, and then it's slow-cooked in pork fat. The meat is sautéed with chopped Topneck clams, garlic, chilies, and onions. It's stuffed inside soft corn tortillas with a salad of radishes, pickled red onions, julienned sugar snap peas, cilantro leaves, and lime vinaigrette. All'onda:

For lunch and dinner this week, Chris Jaeckle is serving "saltimbocca spiadini" (skewer grilled meat) made with veal leg, peaches, and pancetta. The meat is glazed with jus of veal made with honey and sherry vinegar. $9. Txikito:

Alex Raij and her crew are serving "falda de ternera porchetta-style" this week. That's rolled veal breast a la plancha with fennel pollen and a Gilda salsa verde of Basque anchovy, parsley, and piparras. $18. Miss Lily's 7A Cafe:

At the new East Village outpost of Miss Lily's, chef Adam Schop is making "jerk ramen." That's a clear broth with pork belly, jerk chicken, egg, shoyu-marinated ackee, and fermented Scotch bonnet paste. $15. Montmartre:

Michael Toscano and the Montmartre team are serving a grilled lamb loin chop with garbanzo beans, espelette yogurt, mizuna, and olive tapenade. It's available at dinner for $28. · All Coverage of The Five Days of Meat [~ENY~]


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The Clam

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