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Chinese Chain Thinks it Can Compete With Shake Shack

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The future home of Uncle Sam's: Google Maps

Uncle Sam's Fast Food, a Beijing-based burger chain with (obviously) heavy American influences has just signed the lease on a large Nomad space. The flagship restaurant on Fifth Avenue would be the fast food joint's first foray into the American market, and a representative tells The Real Deal its goal is to "create the perfect Chinese-American — or American-Chinese — burger."

It's very unclear what that means, but the chain also reportedly aims to "to be competitive level with Shake Shack," which of course sits just blocks away. The company has filed a US trademark for the name Uncle Sam's Famous American Burger, but it remains to be seen how those burgers will fare in the burger-saturated neighborhood when they are actually neither famous nor American.
· Chinese Burger Joint Opens on Fifth Avenue [TRD]

Uncle Sam's

307 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY